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tv   Historic Preservation Commission 4517  SFGTV  April 14, 2017 7:25pm-8:01pm PDT

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historic preservation commission for wednesday prilt 5, 2017. i would labeling to remind members that the commission does not tolerate any disruption or outbursts of any time, please silence your mobile devices, and when speaking before the commission, if you care to do, state your name for the record. i would like to take roll, commission president wolfram, commissioner highland, commissioner hasz, commissioner junk, commissioner [inaudible], commissioner matsuda and commissioner pearlman, the first item is general public, the public may address any items of interest o the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. each member of the public may
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address the commission for up to three minutes. er >> do any members of the public wish to speak on a non-agendized item, if so, please come forward. >> good afternoon, commissioners, my name is richard rough man and i just want to give you an update on two projects that i'm working on, one is the elama mixer health center build hating you recently approved as a city landmark and thanks to former supervisor john avalos and the head of real estate, mr. up dike, the city decided to keep this in the city ownership and i haven't heard whether they found a developer, they're trying to find a non-profit developer so that the building and the murals would be better protected if it's in the city ownership, so we'll see that, and then the other -- my main
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project, the [inaudible] building, katie tang gave us or the building 400 thousand dollars as bridge money and we're starting to work on that, and so things are moving along at city speed but also working with the harvey milk center director, i put together a photo collection of the murals inside the building since the building is inaccessible and collection just moved to city hall, it's not quite up yet, half is going to be in supervisor katie tang's office and half is going to be in supervisor sandy fourier and i heard we're going to have a reception on friday may 21 but i'll let tim know so he can let the rest of you know and you can come down and see what i've
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been talking about and how beautiful these murals are. thank you. >> great, thank you. does any other member of the public wish to speak on a non-agendized item, if so, come forward, seeing none, we'll close general public comment. >> this will place us under department matters and item 1, director's announcements. >> no new announcements today. >> item 2, revau view of past events at the planning commission and staff reports and announcements >> i have no formal report or announcements for you this morning. >> commission matters, item 3, president's report announcements >> >> i have no report or announcement. >> item 4, consideration of adoption for the preservation commission regular hearing for march 15, 2017. i will note for items 9a and b, we inadvertently listed commissioner johnck as a yes vote when she was recused,
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those minutes should reflect that that commissioner johnck was recused, items 9a and b. >> commissioners, any other comments on the minutes? >> is there any member of the public that wish to comment o on our draft minutes on march 15th, seeing and hearing none, we'll close public comment. >>backer >> i move to approve. >> as amended, second. >> thank you, commissioners, on that motion to adopt minutes for march 15, 2017 as amended, commissioner hasz? >> yes. >> commissioner johnck? >> yes >> >> commission ?er johns. >> yes. >> commissioner hyland and commissioner president [inaudible] that passes 7-0, commission comments and questions, item 5. >> no, we can move on. >> very good, that will place us under your regular calendar for 6a, b, c, d and e.
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2017-002865lbr at 647 valencia street, 2017-002868lbr, 754 grant avenue, 1944 union street, and 398 12th street respectively, these are legacy business applications. >> good afternoon, commissioners, stef ?aoe [inaudible], planning business plan, these are for four legacy applications which were submit today the planning department on march 8 and are ready for your recommendation. all applications were previously reviewed by the office of small business for completion prior to transmittal to the planning dment. your commission packets contain a draft resolution for each business outlining physical feature and is traditions associate witched the success of the business. the first application before you today is for the elbo room, a well loved neighborhood bar
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in the mission district with significant ties to the lgbtq community. the elbo room goes back to the founding of amelia's, one of the lesbian bars in the united states, founded in 1998 by ricky striker, it was a popular place for the lesbian community to gather and socialize and participate in neighborhood activity and is events. amelia's served and became a place frequented by the surrounding lesbian owned and oriented businesses such as the old wives' tale, aught thent to*e and the women's bruited. in 1991, ricky partnered with bar mag dennis and renamed the bar the elbo room, it has continued many of the traditions that began with or at amelia's and continues the play a significant role as a gathering place for mission district visitors, rez dens as well as the lgbt community, the next application is for long boat july r*i rkt a chinatown
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business offering a wide variety of custom made and imported july r*i from hong kong founded in 1981 by row seat ta young, long boat july r*i that become an integral part of the corridor of chinatown, most chinatown businesses along grant avenue are owned and operated by families of asian immigrants and long boat july r*i has become a part of this cultural and fa filial fabric is is dedicated the continuing this tradition. the third application is for perry's san francisco, a family own and had operated neighborhood restaurant and bar in the cow hall lowe neighborhood, founded in 1969 by perry butler, perry's san francisco was established around the idea of recreating the unique energy of neighborhood saloons found in the upper side, perry's san francisco has become a popular spot offering a comfortable welcoming atmosphere for
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patrons of all ages and generations to gather, socialize, indulge in good food and drinks and the walls outlined in memorabilia of san francisco moment, perry's opened three additional locations but only perry san francisco and [inaudible] hallow is for a designation legacy business. the final application is for san francisco eagle bar, a local bar and community gathering space in the south market neighborhood, founded in 1981 by bob dam ron and deal la vien shorted before the aids crisis began, the eagle began a cornerstone of the community and imbedded within the san francisco lgbtq community, during the height of the aids crisis, the eagle lost at least 22 employees and countless family and friends to the disease, this led bar manager terry thompson to raise funds to help the rapidly growing
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number of aids patients, over a period of 11 years, thompson was able to use over 5 million dollars for various aids charities and named it it as the aids emergency fund, they continue to most various event and is benefits both for the san francisco aids foundation as well as other organizations. the eagle has become a fik cheer in the soma community and remains a community oriented bar. after review of these applications, staff finds that the above legacy businesses have met the criteria to qualify for listing on the legacy business registry, this concludes my presentation, i'm happy to answer any questions and i believe we have some representatives here today. >> thank you, commissioners, any questions? commissioner pearlman? >> i have one question about the elbo room, i know there's a project there and i'm wondering is that going to threaten the elbo room, the commercial space in that building? i don't know if -- >> i'm not sure at this point. i don't believe we've seen
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anything come to us just yet so i'm not sure of what -- >> i read about this on socket site. >> what's mention ined the report. >> there's a condominium project. i'm wondering if the elbo room is going to move out and move back in or is the elbo room not going to be there anymore, what's happen tog the elbo room. er >> commissioners, that's a great question, at this time, we don't know, if they were to relocate the legacy business registry and the preservation fund may help leverage a new location. >> i'm curious what's going to happen with that location. er >> in the report, it says they're actively looking for a new location to support the bar. er >> at this time, i don't believe anything has been filed related to the new project. >> okay, thank you. >> no other questions? great, then we'll take public comment, i'll first call did speakers for the elbo room that i have speaker cards for. ( calling speaker names ). if you could each come in order and then you'll have three
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minutes each, there will be a warning buzzer at 30 seconds before you time is up. >> good afternoon, my name's eric catu, one of the co-owners of elbo room. i wanted to introduce myself and make the tie in to who we are and my partner matt and i being long-time employees at the elbo room before owning the elbo room. i also live if san francisco's mission district, i started working for the elbo room in 2001 as a doorman and bar back and later became a bartender, in 2005, i began with working with the founder and long time business partner dennis ring as the elbo room general manager along with my now business partner mat lt schapiro who had
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been working with dennis as the live entertainment staffing and booking manager, from 2005 to 2010, matt and i were given the opportunity to work with dennis to help run the elbo room and later become its third operator, when we purchased the elbo room in november, 2010, when matt and i brought into management roles in 2005, it was to help dennis with keeping elbo up and run on to fast running energy, local arts scene, at the same time keep tog the grass roots mom and pop, just before elbo room, dennis ring was a business partner to ricky striker and before the name change in 1991, the spirit of amelia's has been important to us to keep a strong tie, we always do to this day put back in place the
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amelia's sign during pride week and keep san francisco in her thoughts, it's an angoing conversation as long as i've been there, when the sign goes up, it's sharing the history of the bar or share stories that had been a regular at amelia's, my always favorite stories that the married couples who had their date with us or returned for an anniversary, we hosted marriage parties, watched employees finish school, put out records, pass the bar, sell their art, we've also created friends like john and [inaudible] who had been fellow employees and close friends to go on to their own mark as the knock out bar, we've been excited once and upcoming bands and performing that perform for us and the war field shortly after, and i'll going to wrap it up t show of support from
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old employees, families and friends, other local businesses and neighbors have been a nice reminder to how many people elbo room reach ins a positive way, i feel proud to be -- i have been given an opportunity to be a part of a san francisco business to provide positivity in our people and artistic express and hope to continue to do so as long as you'll have us, thank you for your consideration to be recognized as a san francisco legacy business. >> john downing. >> my name's john downing, i'm a local real estate broker in the mission district, i've been working with matt and eric for about the last two years on a strategy to go ahead and figure out the next move for the elbo room, to answer your question about the redevelopment that's going to happen over there, happy to announce we've identified the location, we
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have it under letter of intent at this moment and one of the key reasons why we got the nod over several other groups that were looking at this particular location which specifically was a bar and then hopefully also a live music stage to go ahead and continue the history and their [inaudible] of doing live shows, the reason why we got the nod was because of the legacy business application we had pending at the time, we were able to go ahead and express that to ownership and say, hey, looks like they have a good shot at getting the legacy business and getting on the registry and that would be helpful with the next leg up, particularly for ownership, they're interested in signing a ten year lease with them considering this pending application and hopefully we can have your support, i support their legacy business registration and i live in the
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mission and i've known matt and eric for a bhiel and they're good guys, i hope you can go ahead and do it. >> matt schapiro. >> hi, i'm matt schapiro, co-owner of elbo room, i think eric summed up everything, that's not already in the report. yeah, i've been booking shows in this town since 1995, i came to elbo room at 2003 as sound guy and booked a couple of shows there and 2004 became the head booker, i've been doing it ever since, hence the gray hairs. it is my favorite room in this city to book, i've booked shows in many places, there's -- that room is a special place and i think everything we've made it, we can take it somewhere else as well and still hold true to its legacy. we have a will the of support from the community, we have over 11 thousand facebook likes
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if that matters, and, yeah, we just hope to get your support. thank you. >> thank you. anybody else who wishes to speak about the elbo room, if so, please come forward. we'll move on -- i have a speaker card for perry butler. >> good afternoon, i am perry butler, the owner of perry's and i want to thank everybody for hearing our application this afternoon, i thank the office of mike farrell, mark carrillo and all of you who are on the historic preservation commission. perry's opened its doors on union street on august 20, 19695:00 in the afternoon, i was a wipe young 26 year-old then with energy of what i hoped was a good idea. union street was a nice residential street then with some commercial, it was really nothing like it is today.
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there were some laundromats, hardware stores, antique shops, really a very nice neighborhood but a little different, so we took the building had been a non-descript contractor's office downstairs and the owners of the building's residents up stairs, with some borrowed money, we renovated it into the restaurant it is today. perry's opened quietly that day, enough folks came in to eat and drink to give us a good start and the business grew steadily from there. in october, the san francisco chronicle published a two page story about perry's and that changed everything, all of a sudden it was so crazy busy, we did not know what to do, in time we figured it out, it was a wild and crazy and fun ride and it's still a fun ride. if someone told me that i would be standing before you today 47 years later with perry's having the success it's had, i wouldn't have known what to
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think, as i stand here, i'm incredibly grateful and very proud that perry's on union street has stood test of time and became an integral part of the neighborhood, to be nominated as a legacy business is an important honor, i'm frequently asked how we stayed in business so long in such a flailing challenging business in such a hard town, we've been blessed to have many wonderful men and women to work for years and they're the ones who do the work every day, treat the people with warmth and style and they're the ones that deserve the credit. it's the hard work and dedication of many including now three of my children, my daughter right here that have made perry's the place it is today and the place it was just two years and change of celebrating its 50th anniversary, thank you for considering perry's as a legacy business, it would make us all
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very proud. >> thank you, i have a speaker card for mike leone. >> good afternoon, my name is mike comer of the sf eagle, on behalf of my business partner ner, alex, our staff, our patrons and all musicians and artists who come every waoeblg, thank you very much for this honor and the nomination. thank you. >> thank you. does any other member of the public wish to speak about these legacy businesses that have applied, please come forward. >> hello, my name's fred shrunk, the owner of the thrill house records in mission and i was coming here to support the elbo room because they are a really integral space to our community and really important, so i took the time out of my day to come here and tell you guys how much the music
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community loves and appreciates them, and i had no idea the eagle was here too and i have to say, they are really awesome, i'm going there on thursday for a cool show. anyway, i just wanted to say how much i support both of those places because they are really, really important to san francisco for me personally and a lot of people that i interact with on a daily basis. >> thank you. does any other member of the public wish to speak about the legacy businesses? seeing and hearing none, we'll close public comment, bring it back to the commission, commissioners? commissioner johnck? >> well, i think these are wonderful, i lived on the corner of union and gough in 1967 and i remember when you opened up and that was really wonderful addition to the neighborhood which was very different as you say at that time, we still have cows down there i think.
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[laughter]. exactly. and i loved it, san francisco and its music is legendary and great to have the sponsors here for your establishments, so i support the entire group. >> thank you, commissioner pearlman? >> yes, i want to do a shout-out for the eagle, i worked in the aids community in the 90's, late 80's and the 90's and you know the amount of money and effort they've made to support people with aids and the community that supports people with aids has been really quite remarkable and i think they are very much a part of the community, so i wanted to do a shout-out for that, but all of them, i mean, i've been to perry's and it must be amazing when you think about a 50 year run that you made it as a 26 year-old and made it work for all that, that's very impressive. thank you. >> thank you. any other comments? >> do i have a motion? >> i move that all of the
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applications be approved. >> second. >> very good, commissioners, if there's nothing further, then there is a motion that has been seconded to adopt recommendations for approval for items 6a-d, on that motion, commissioner hasz? >> yes. >> commissioner johnck, commissioner johns, commissioner matsuda, commissioner pearlman, commissioner hyland and commission president wolfram? >> yes. >> congratulations. >> that passes ewe nan mousily. >> that will place us on item 7 for case number 2016-01105 2-d es at 1970 ocean avenue, it's a landmark designation. >> sandy ferguson, planning department staff, i'm here to present the department's recommendation regarding landmark designation of the el rey theatre located on 1970 ocean avenue, the building was added to the landmark designation work program in
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august 17, 2016 and landmark designation was initiated on december 7, 2017. the landmark designation report was prepared by [inaudible] historic presentation consulting at the reck m dashing of the art deco site and a draft was received in [inaudible] 1970 ocean avenue is significant as one of the only remaining movie theaters designed in the art deco style, it retains the design features that were present during the established period of significance of 1931. character defining features include the lobby and the auditorium, these spaces are eligible for designation because they were hissing stoically publicly accessible. designation of the el rey theatre appears to meet two of the historic preservation commissions four prior to priorities for designation, it meets the first designation priority which is the designation of underrepresented landmark property types
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including landscapes, it also meets the third designation priority which is the designation of buildings located in geographically underrepresented areas. the department also received 8 letters of support for designation, there is no known public or neighborhood opposition to designation of ocean avenue as an article 10 landmark. staff has also met with the property owner several time and is has shared the landmark designation report with them, we're continuing to work with them on a potential project and the department believes the building meet ts the established eligibility requirements and landmark status is warranted, we recommend this to the board of supervisors. i'm happy to answer any questions. >> thank you, commissioner pearlman is, no question? >> no. >> does any member of the public wish to comment on this item, if so, come forward.
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>> good afternoon, commissioners, my name's dan weaver and i'm speaking on behalf of the ocean avenue association, we were instrumental in bringing this project to the historic preservation staff, tim fry here and his associates, and we're very pleased to support the effort today and i would like to congratulate tim and the work he's done on this especially. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> commissioners, i'm alex, i'm the chair of the ocean avenue association's board and i organized save el rey, a group of neighbors, about 60 neighbors who were concerned when the building was sold and we also worked to get this nomination before, i would encourage you to enfolding it to the full board with the approval, thank you. >> thank you.
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>> good afternoon, my name's nikki [inaudible] and i'm a native of the omi district and my mother and her sisters and my grandparents grew up in the omi and appear ined the omi book l*et and they told me about stories when they came haoe, one of the best times they had was going to the el rey thaoet e they came from mexico, that's the only ways they were able to learn english was attending the movies, it has great meaning to many of the old timers and second and third generation that still live in that area and we would love to see it preserved for the young people in that area, there isn't that much on that side, we're proud of our city college but down ocean avenue, there's not a lot of things for the young people to -- that attracts them and i think this
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could be built into a great establishment for our young people in that omi area. thank you so much. >> thank you. does any other member of the public wish to comment on this item, hearing and seeing none, we'll close public comment. commissioner johnck? >> i'm thrilled that it appears that we have had record-breaking landmarks recommended, proposals from the neighborhoods, i just feel there's this tremendous surge since i've been on the commission, it's very excited, el rey's the latest one and i thank the neighbors for moving forward with the research on this, and so i would be happy to support and move the resolution recommending landmark status to the board of supervisors to the el rey theatre. >> do you want to make a motion? >> i move. >> i second that. >> i thought she did. >> we have a motion and a second. >> if there's no further
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deliberation, commissioners, there's a motion that has been seconded to adopt a recommendation for approval. on that motion, commissioner hasz, commissioner johnck, commissioner johns, commissioner matsuda, pearlman, hyland and commission president wolfram? >> yes. >> that motion passed unanimously 7-0. >> that's great, con grafp lacing tos the el rey and i think that concludes our hearing. the hearing is adjourned. ( meeting is adjourned ).
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>> good afternoon and welcome to the planning commission this is the regular meeting for thursday, april 13, thursday, april 13, any kind. proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. i'd like to call roll at this time. commissioner president hillis commissioner vice president richards